29 May 2011

Passion Devotion and Dedication

I have always followed my instinct and my instinct always followed only one thing in this world, "Passion". When I was a kid, I used to be called as weirdo. Reason was simple, I was always curious about how things work... I have broken numerous electronic devices just to know whats inside them and how they work. I have got scoldings from my parents for doing such things. My father always used to worry about me that I have a destructive mind to break things apart but he never understood the curiosity behind it. He had a point there but I was not able to explain him in proper words.

I have broken lets say as many electronic devices as possible. There were very few things in home which were spared by my curious eyes. I always digested the scoldings and insults of friends for doing such things and continued to do it and it really did help me. My curious nature helped me numerous times whenever possible. It helped me to keep myself updated and keep me on the track.

When I was in Jalgaon (my native place in Maharashtra, India) I was called "scientist" by my friends because I had numerous questions in mind. My teachers used to make fun of me saying that I am stupid and ask too many questions. Nobody was there to support my curious nature. Finally when I was in my eleventh grade, I took computer science as the subject. My curious nature helped me there too. At that time I was planning to make a small console application which will store the records of the students. And I was supposed to be selling the software to my college :D lols... I know it was stupid enough but smart enough to be thinking of my age. My curious nature turned towards software.

Then when I came to Delhi, I enrolled myself for a diploma course and studied variety of software subjects. I got passionate about Microsoft .NET Framework and targeting the web was one of my favorite topics to learn. Its a huge topic and I don't think its easy enough to digest it just in a year. I probably will need many years to learn and update myself to the latest standards. Keeping myself updated and latest is one of my passion. This curiousity will last for lifetime I guess as there are always new softwares and Microsoft is fast enough to feed curious people like me with the latest technology :) Thanks Microsoft!

My curiosity for software continues today too. And will continue for who knows for how many years! They say curiosity killed the cat, but I am not a cat :P :D hehe! I am saved fortunately :) Now I am a Junior ASP.NET Developer the journey has just began... :) I have a long way to go... I believe "Journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step" :) and my curiosity and passion will help me in getting it!

14 February 2011


Mother Teresa

"There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread"said the mother of more than thousands of people, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu better known as Mother Teresa. The human being has the basic need for love. With love he can live without food or shelter... It just requires the warmth of someone we love to keep us alive. I have seen many cases in which people who are suffering from deadly diseases are alive just because of love.

Love is like a magic wand which makes many hard to do things, easy. I believe that to love and to be loved is the most beautiful feeling of all. The best love and ultimate dedication is shown by our parents who brought us in this world to experience life... Imagine a life without them! Its just impossible. But the strange thing about love is that the more you try to hold it tight, it goes away like the sand in hand, the more loosely you hold it, the more you have it. Its really strange as I believe we should secure our love rather than letting it free. I have also heard a quote which says the love if gone, wait, if it comes back its yours else it was never yours. Its really strange.

People say I love you, I want to marry you. But I think that the two things are not dependent on each other. To love someone, we need to see things their way, if the person we love gets married that's perfectly fine but this does not mean to force someone. As the easiest thing to do is to love someone and the most difficult thing to do is to ask someone to love you back!

When it comes to love, few names come in my mind, My Mom, Dad, Mother Teresa... I havent seen selfless love from the rest of the world yet. With the hope to add someone in this list, this Valentines Day, I wish you all a very happy and a year full of love and life <3